Eastwood Ramblers

Walk Grades

          Eastwood Ramblers continues to use basic grades that have been used since it was formed.

          In October 2004 Ramblers Headquarters introduced new grade classifications and these are

          applied to those walks that we upload to the Group Walks Finder section on the

          National Ramblers web site.

          Explanations of Eastwood's grade classifications are listed in the following table.

          It should be noted that they are intended only as guides because people have different ideas

          of how hard a walk can be.

          Individual fitness levels and the weather on the day are obviously deciding factors.

          If you are unsure what level to try, please contact the walk leader for more detail about the amount of

          ascent, descent, gradient, the terrain and pace before you decide if it is the walk for you.



                                                                Local Grades


Up to 15 miles/24 km or more, as above at a more demanding pace and frequently with exposure and requiring equipment such as ice axes and crampons.

   A Up to 15 miles/24 km steep ascents and descents often over very rough terrain at a demanding pace.

Up to 12 miles/19 km similar to B but more strenuous with longer distances and more ascent. Munro and Corbett walks can be graded as B+ but will be paced at a slower speed than A walks.


Up to 10 miles/16 km moderately demanding with hills generally on tracks or paths at a moderate pace

   C+ Up to 7 miles/11 km at a leisurely pace with some ascent or over roughish ground
   C  Up to 7 miles/11 km at a leisurely pace on good paths and tracks. Low hills and/or undulating ground

Up to 4 miles/6.5 km at a slow pace on level ground


 Brief descriptions of Ramblers grades are listed below and it is those that we use when uploading details

 of our outings to their Walks Finder programme.

 The nearest equivalent Eastwood grades are shown in the right hand column.


                                                            National Grades 

Ramblers Grade Description Eastwood Grade
Technical Walks for experienced and very fit walkers with additional technical skills. May require scrambling and the use of ropes, ice axes and crampons. You must contact the walk leader in advance for further details.     A+
Strenuous Walks for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level. May include hills and rough country. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are essential. People in doubt about their fitness are advised to contact the walk leader in advance.     A
Moderate Walks for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. May include steep paths and open country. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are essential.    B/B+
Leisurely Walks for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. may include unsurfaced rural paths. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are recommended    C/C+
Easy Walks for everyone who does not have a mobility difficulty or a specific health problem or is not seriously unfit. Suitable for push chairs if they can be lifted over occasional obstructions. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn.      C 
Easy Access Walks for everyone including people with conventional wheelchairs and pushchairs using easy access paths. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn. Assistance may be needed to push wheel chairs on some sections. Please check with the walk leader      D 


      The Eastwood Ramblers' policy is not to have under sixteen year-olds along on our Saturday

     and Sunday outings. 

    They may come on our short Wednesday walks accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult

    known to the parent(s).

    Dogs are not allowed on any of our walks.

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