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Walking with us


We welcome to our group anyone who has a love of walking or climbing in the great outdoors and who is willing to accept the minor disciplines and responsibilities that come with taking part in organised group outings.

Non members may walk with us for a maximum of three outings without obligation to join Ramblers.

This is to allow them to try us out without commitment.

We have to stress, however, that participants who are not members and who have already walked with us on three occasions may be refused subsequent participation in our outings.

Knock Hill


If you have little or no experience of cross country walking away from tarmac roads and footpaths then it is important before you walk with us that you equip yourself with good walking boots and thick socks.

Boots are more suitable than shoes for walking on rough ground because of the support they give to the ankles.

Also, they are better suited for keeping the feet dry when crossing boggy areas particularly when worn with gaiters.

The undersides of the boots should be kept in good repair to ensure that they have a good grip of surfaces on hill walks.

One other item you should obtain is a good quality rainproof cagoule or anorak, this is Scotland after all!

The lighter shower proof types might be good enough for urban walking but, for adequate cover against driving wind and rain in the countryside particularly at higher altitudes, you should get the best you can afford.

Make sure that it has a drawstring hood reinforced with wire and that the front zipper is protected by a velcro seal.

The cuffs should also be sealable by velcro.

A detachable fleece lining would be an asset for all seasons wear of the garment.

Waterproof over trousers are handy to bring along when there is a positive forecast for rain and it is deemed an advantage to put them on at the start of a walk.

It can be tricky putting them on when there is a sudden fall of rain, however, and they can be cumbersome to take off again when the rain goes off.

Make sure that the over trousers you buy have a generous length of zipper on each leg to facilitate widening if you have to put them on or take them off while wearing your boots.

As for the remaining items of clothing that is a matter of choice at the start and you might wish to use the oldest garments in your wardrobe.

When you walk with us look at what the others are wearing and ask their advice.


The carrying of the following items is usually required by the leader but they should be considered as useful items to be carried by all participants in case of separation during walks especially in conditions of poor visibility:-

* Map of the area being walked

* Compass (and knowing how to use it!)

* Whistle

* Torch

* Emergency food item eg, fruit & nut chocolate bar or a cereal bar


All our outings are graded according to the leaders' perceptions of the level of fitness required to complete them.

An explanation of the grades is given in the "Walk grades" page.

All participants in our walks, particularly those that come on the hill walks, are advised not to risk tackling any that may be beyond their capabilities.

This advice should also be heeded by experienced walkers who may be recovering from an illness or injury.

An enjoyable day out can be had by anyone who comes on a walk graded C or C+ and so, if you are a first timer, it is recommended that you keep to those grades until you feel your legs getting stronger.


We are first and foremost a RAMBLING club and our outings are for the pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors no matter the degree of effort needed.

Your participation in an outing is at your own risk.

Ramblers, Eastwood Ramblers and the walk leaders cannot accept liability for any accident that may occur.

With that in mind the following advice must be noted:-

* The leader carries a first aid kit and a survival bag in case of any medical emergency

* If you have a known medical condition which you think may affect your ability to keep up with the party you should be prepared to discuss it In confidence by phone call to any of the      group's senior committee members.

Their phone numbers are listed in the "Contacting us" page.

* Before we set off from our Clarkston Car Park starting point all participants in a walk must sign the register and insert a telephone number of someone to contact in the event of any    unfortunate incident during the outing.

* While on an outing it is the preferred practice for all participants to keep behind the leader.

This is mandatory on hill walks because of the risk to visibility from low clouds and of the risk from tripping and stumbling on uneven and potholed surfaces.

On low level walks - even on tarmac - it has been known for participants who have gone too far ahead of the leader to miss a turn in direction and to become lost to the party.

Any participant who wishes to leave a walk after it has got underway must inform the leader.

Where necessary and advisable the leader will arrange for an escort to accompany them back to the car parking or to a bus route.

Conveyance to and from the start of a walk is usually by members' private cars.

Passengers should therefore be prepared to wear ordinary shoes while travelling in the cars and to carry their boots in a bag.

This prevents any soiling of the cars' interiors on the return journey. The charges paid by passengers are explained in the "Car sharing" page.

Contacting Leader(s)

If you are unsure about any details of an upcoming walk, or you are intending to travel directly to the walk starting point, it is advisable to contact the leader on the evening preceding the walk. (not later than 9pm)

Contact details of the leader(s) can be found by clicking on the links on "Our Next Walks" on the front page on our website.

Any last minute changes to a forthcoming walk will generally be circulated by email to members on our mailing list, not later than 9pm on the evening preceding the walk.


It is the practice on our outings for participants to bring food and drink for at least two "tea" stops.

A hot drink in a vacuum flask should be brought and, in the summer when the days are likely to be hot, extra water is advisable. Alcohol should not be consumed during a walk.

If any of the above seems a bit onerous, it must be emphasised that most of it is really just "common sense"

At the end of our outings and before we set off back to Clarkston it is our custom to visit a tea room or licensed premises for refreshments and a good old blether!

Above all..............come and enjoy yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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